If you have seen the movie Jurassic Park, you will recognize the 21 arches that greet you as you enter the Jurassic Park archway. Universalís Creative Team has re-created the theme park that John Hammond was trying to create before all prehistoric hell broke loose. The lush and steamy jungle landscape they have devised fits in perfectly with Floridaís humid summers. As in the movie, we are asked to believe that we are in a park containing actual living dinosaurs, some that are quite dangerous, as the high-tension fences around the parameter indicate. Periodically roars are heard in the bushes, in addition the bushes rustle ominously behind those fences as well. Those twists and dents in the 10,000 watt electrified fence may make you wonder just how safe you really are, for this entire atmosphere can be surprisingly realistic. The overall surroundings will really make you believe you are on Isla Nublar and not in Orlando Florida.



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